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Our partnership with Procter & Gamble Venezuela will provide 360,000 litres of clean water to children and their families.

Thanks to a collaboration with Procter & Gamble Venezuela, as a distributing partner in their Children’s Safe Drinking Water programme, we are providing sachets of their innovative water purification powder to families across the country. This project, which will purify 360,000 litres of water, will provide clean, safe, good-tasting water to hundreds of children and their families.

We’ve already had amazing feedback from our partners, who are reporting noticeable improvements in the health of the children they work with. One of our partners, who runs a nutritional recovery programme for malnourished babies, said:

“Our programme was having a limited effect, because the mothers were cleaning the bottles with dirty water, so many of the children were suffering from extended bouts of diarrhea. Since we started distributing the sachets, the children have started putting on weight for the first time.”

We are incredibly grateful to Procter & Gamble Venezuela for their support on this project, which is truly life-changing for so many Venezuelan families.

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