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In early 2020, we were approached by our partner in an isolated village in Medida, who run a soup kitchen and medical centre, providing vital health and nutrition programmes to the community. Regular power cuts (sadly so common in areas like this) meant that they were not able to use their refrigerators, so couldn’t store the food and medicine that they had to travel long distances to secure. This put all of their operations at risk.

We provided our partner with an electricity converter - which will provide a reliable supply of electricity, enabling them to continue their amazing work. The testimonials we received from our partners and their beneficiaries illustrate how far-reaching the impact of this simple but essential donation has been.

“I feel very grateful because the generator keeps my insulin safe, which already costs me so much to buy. With the power outages, it loses effect, but now I am able to keep it in the fridge.” - Mr Homero

"I am 14 years old, and Chamos has given us the support to do research for our school work, because a lot of the time we do not have electricity, but this generator is very powerful!" - Maria Victoria

"I have brought two asthmatic children from my community with asthma attacks on several occasions, but the ambulatory plant hasn't worked or has had no fuel, so I haven't been able to help them. Thanks to the generator, I can now use the nebulizer with the children." - Carolina

"Thanks to the generator donated by Chamos, I haven't missed a single Real Madrid game! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Adrian

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