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Mobility is Possibility: 210 wheelchairs distributed to date

Mobility is Possibility: 210 wheelchairs distributed to date

Early in 2022, we fitted the last of the 100 specialised pediatric wheelchairs that we sent to Venezuela in 2021, in partnership with Walkabout Foundation and Fundaprocura. This means that we have now distributed 210 wheelchairs to children and young people with complex disabilities, over 90% of whom had never had a wheelchair before.

These wheelchairs are specially designed for children with complex seating needs, and include adjustable trunk and side supports, a headrest and harness, and even a table, all of which help the child sit upright comfortably - a new experience for many of these kids.

Giving a child a wheelchair has a transformational, tangible impact: on the child themselves, for whom it represents dignity, freedom and opportunities; on their carers, for whom ​​it makes the act of caregiving significantly easier, improving mental health and increasing their own independence; and on the wider community, making people with disabilities more visible and able.

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