Venezuela Kinetic Challenge

Shoutout to all the families that are staying at home!! Chamos wants to support all the families in lockdown by creating a fun challenge to keep you busy. #vzlakineticchallenge

In times like these, helping each other is important. Venezuela has been going through its worst humanitarian crisis with a health sector that is collapsed.  The COVID-19 pandemic will only worsen an already unsustainable situation.  Fortunately, many local NGO’s are operating in the country, aiding those who most need it.   Chamos is working alongside these partners and is focused on guaranteeing food and nutritional security for the children of Venezuela. We will not stop our efforts!

Your challenge is to download a drawing from all the templates created by Alejandro O’Daly, who generously donated these to our cause, and start colouring! Once finished, please sign your drawing and add the date and your location. Then…


1. Take a picture of your finished art piece and send it to

2. Post your image on Social Media and tag @chamoscharity with #vzlakineticchallenge.

3. Nominate at least 3 friends to do this challenge.

By doing this you will help us create awareness of the health risks children in Venezuela face during these difficult times. Lets get this challenge to circle the world.  We can do this!!

Download it here