Office Party


Throw an office charity party and urge your co-workers donate. Have a donation tin for donations and even encourage your employer to match your contributions.

You can use International Children’s Day (20 th November) or International Human Rights Day (10 th December) as an opportunity to raise funds for those less fortunate. The event can be as simple as sending out an email with the Chamos Info Pack (attached) to alert your colleagues that you will be raising funds for the charity on that day.

You can also make it more of an event by organising coffee and pastries for an office breakfast sale (maybe invite your colleagues to pitch in with home-made food) and charge a set amount for any food sold, with all proceeds going to Chamos.

There are many ways of doing this, so you can be as creative as you like!! And don’t forget to encourage your employer to match whatever amount you raise on

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