Corona Virus in Venezuela: Finding Creative Solutions



ON NOVEMBER 14, 2020

by Allanis Milano

"CARACAS, Venezuela — Quarantine might be the only method to combat the spread of COVID-19. But for Venezuelans, it has only hindered the rates of survival amid the crisis they’re already experiencing. Coronavirus in Venezuela and the current economic crisis has caused many citizens to find creative solutions."

"According to a U.N. report from last year, 94% of the 28.8 million Venezuelans live in poverty. This estimate has increased over the last 10 years and has been aggravated during the past six years. Shortages of food and water, soaring inflation and regular blackouts are nothing new. Many have fled Venezuela in search of better opportunities."

"Furthermore, many non-profits in Venezuela such as Chamos In Aid of the Children of Venezuela have received funds from many to install water tanks in soup kitchens and communities, distributed bar soap, and are now waiting for 33 water purification services."

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