San Blas Petare- Trazando Espacios


Trazando Espacios focuses on transforming the lives of young people from a community and at the same time, a pubic space of their choice. To achieve it, the participants receive lessons where they acquire the tools needed to observe, imagine and transform public spaces.

We are very proud to support Trazando Espacios as it is in sink with our goal. Trazando espacios projects provide children with the opportunity of quality education, design of sustainable communities, work towards peace, justice and build solid institutions.The process involves physical transformation and also a positive impact that is evidenced by this project in the community. Many people came up with ideas and the community made this new place their own.

On Saturday 21st July 2018 Trazando Espacios inaugurated a Park in Matapalo, Petare. The park in San Blas was chosen by the children and families in the community. Everyone participated in the change, every stage and all the details.

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