Alimentando Futuros

Alimentando Futuros is a non-profit Civil Association that aims to lower the increasing dropout rates that public schools in Venezuela experience. Since 2016, 90% of Venezuelan schools do not have the Student Food Program (PAE), creating a situation of starvation for both students and teachers.

Alimentando Futuros firmly believes education is the main tool for the country’s development. That is why this organization arose in 2017, with the sole object of providing one daily balanced meal to students from schools located in low-income areas of Venezuela, to help them develop correctly and at the same time create incentives to attend school, thus giving them the opportunity for a better future. These meals provided by the organization also help those families that struggle to feed their children and also boost the country’s economy in general.

Thanks to the contribution of Alimentando Futuros the dropout rate in the beneficiary centers has dropped to 3% vs. the previous 48%.