Food Safety

Alarmingly, a third of the population in Venezuela does not have food security. Only 22% of children in Venezuela have an adequate daily intake of calories and micronutrients. This is why since 2016 we have collaborated with organizations such as Alimentando Futuros, Alimenta La Solidaridad, Meals 4 Hope and Comparte por Una Vida.

In 2016 and 2017 we donated milk and infant formula to the children of Comparte por Una Vida and in 2019 we bought milk for one year for 360 children in three canteens of Alimenta La Solidaridad.

In 2019, Chamos sponsored the José Tadeo Monagas Community Center of Meals 4 Hope, located in Bolívar. This nutritional recovery center offers food assistance for lactating women and children.

We have also funded a daily balanced meal program at the School Niño Jesús de Praga for 440 pupils and teachers. We regularly measure and weigh to assess healthy nutritional and development levels. We design intervention programs, with extra meals for children at risk of malnutrition. 

For just € 10 a month, a child in dire need will be able to get a nutritious meal daily. Help us help them!