Hogar Bambi

An organisation that attends 125 children under 18 years old who need foster care in four houses in San Bernardino, Caracas. Providing them with an all-round attention that improves their mental, emotional and physical health.


Hogar Bambi is an organization of social development that has been working for the past 22 years.

They try to find a solution to those children that have no family or whose family puts them at social risk, by giving them an all rounded attention.


Currently, they take care of 125 children and teenagers, contributing to the improvement of their physical, intellectual and emotional wellbeing. They also guide both their biological and adopted families, so these kids can develop in the best emotional environment where they fill secure and loved.


Chamos has sponsored them since 2017. We have recently donated computers for their newest house which is destined to serve teenagers and to provide a space to develop family strengthening programs.