Venezuela is going through critical times with a humanitarian catastrophe affecting millions of people who as a consequence are unable to feed their families. In some areas in the country, nearly half of the children suffer from some kind of malnutrition which in some cases even results in death.

Meals4Hope supports and creates projects that help communities feed their children. They design community programmes and work with local volunteers to implement them with the goal to put an end to hunger and malnutrition.

CHAMOS concentrates efforts in funding The José Tadeo Monagas Nutrition Recovery Center, located in Bolívar. The main objective of this Centre is to contribute to protecting the life and improving the nutritional status of children, women in gestation and vulnerable infants due to the impact of the humanitarian crisis affecting Venezuela. It seeks to detect and address acute child malnutrition early and improve the nutritional level of pregnant and nursing women, reducing child mortality from acute, severe and moderate malnutrition without complications.

We also work together with Meals4Hope by sending medicines and water purifying filters as a way of generating a healthier development for the communities they serve.