Other Donations

It all started in 2018 with the success of the Christmas campaign in London to collect 'Shoes 4 Venezuela'. We had a higher participation than expected, in just one month we received more than 1700 pairs of shoes for children in need.

Wearing footwear is a basic necessity that has become a luxury for many Venezuelans, including children. Furthermore, we believe that it is essential to wear shoes to prevent illnesses and accidents due to walking on roads and streets that are not suitable for this.

Since then we have made collections in Madrid and London of slippers, clothing and basic necessities such as soap and toothpaste and we have distributed them to the children of Hogar Bambi, Fundacion Amor Gruta de Belén, ASOPICA and Fundación El Niño Jesus de Praga among others.

We have recently launched a new initiative for mothers with newborn babies. Like the loan of books in a library, the mothers of Meals 4 Hope and De Tripas Corazón Venezuela, can use our baby carriers to transport their babies more easily. Once they are grown, the backpacks are returned for use by other mothers.

If you have any donation of slippers, clothes or toiletries that you want to send to Venezuela, do not hesitate to contact us! Contact us