Primary School and University Scholarships

Since the beginning of our foundation in 2007, we have supported the Unidad Educacional Jenaro Aguirre  through the Fundación Madre María Luisa Casar. In 2015, we awarded scholarships to children who are currently in third grade. These scholarships include tuition, school supplies, two balanced meals a day on the school premises, medical controls and vaccinations.

Aiming to grow our Chamos Scholarship Program, in 2020 we created a new alliance with the Universidad Metropolitana to include university scholarships in the list of our educational projects. The three students selected for the Chamos Scholarship Program have been studying Engineering at UNIMET since September 2019. They have been selected through a rigorous university process and these scholarships cover 100% of their enrollment for the year 2019/20.

We are very pleased to be able to help these young people to achieve their dreams. Do you want to grant a student a scholarship? Contact us