School Infrastructure

Since our early days, we have been committed to improving infrastructure and the quality of life and education for children in Venezuela. For more than 15 years, we have supported the Fundación Madre Maria Luisa Casar through various projects at the Unidad Educacional Jenaro Aguirre in Petare. We contributed to building the preschool, have provided kitchen utensils, fridges, freezers, and equipment for the dental area.

We have also helped the Fundación Carlos Delfino with the recovery and improvement of the school's sports facilities, technology equipment for the computer room and with the purchase of student desks.

We contributed with the construction of new sanitary facilities, donated tablets and uniforms to ASOPICA in Apure.

We have also donated computers and renovated apartments for teenagers at Hogar Bambi. Moreover, we have donated household appliances, mattresses, uniforms and school supplies for children from the Rincon Infantil San Edmundo and the Fundación Amor Gruta de Belén.