Trazando Espacios Públicos

A program of National reach, that focuses on teaching and building citizenship through participatory design to transform public spaces.

It’s an educational project of social inclusion where children and young adults learn observation, design and construction tools in order to transform the public spaces of their community.

Their methodology which consists of three stages (1.OBSERVE, 2. IMAGINE and 3. TRANSFORM) was developed by Ana Vargas their director and founder and has been awarded globally.

Their purpose is to transform public spaces through the citizens. They believe that small changes add up to a larger impact, and what matters more is taking action without waiting for the government to intervene.

Chamos has sponsored 3 full programs to date in which whole communities have been positively affected by the transformation of their public spaces. 

1- 2018 January - May - Trazando Espacios Públicos en La Ceiba, Petare Sur. 

2- 2018 February to July - Trazando Espacios Públicos en San Blas, Petare Sur.

3- 2018 June - Imaginar en Carúpano.