Our Story

Chamos - In Aid of the Children of Venezuela was founded in the United Kingdom in 2007 with an initial focus on education and infrastructure projects mainly in schools. However, this was only the consolidation of already 10 years of social work that a group of people, associated with the British-Venezuelan Society, had already been carrying out.

Chamos grew as a charitable umbrella organization, working to raise funds to support and enhance local programmes dedicated to improve the lives of vulnerable children in Venezuela. As the situation in the country deteriorated, Chamos felt the need to expand the focus into the areas of health and food security.

In 2020 our team grew to open operations in Spain, with the intention to increase the aid through funding more projects and help more children.

Our Team

Mariana Siblesz-Alvarez - Trustee / Chair

Venezuelan born, Mariana pursued her Medical Degree in Venezuela and continued specialization studies in the UK, focusing on Epidemiology and Immunology at the University of London and Kings College.   Her medical experience has allowed Mariana to fully understand Venezuela’s current health crisis and effectively evaluate Chamos contributions to help children’s hospitals continue to work in these times. Mariana is a full-time mum, she has 4 children, and an array of charity work that keeps her busy.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2014

email: chair@chamos.org.uk

Graciela Muci-Smith - Trustee / Treasurer

Born in Caracas, Graciela studied Economics in Venezuela and completed her MBA at New York University, focusing on finance, marketing and international business. After 6 years of banking and finance positions in the UK, Graciela became a full-time mum to 3 children, and her latest endeavour is managing the finances of CHAMOS.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2012

email: finance@chamos.org.uk

Iberia Torres-West - Trustee / Secretary

A native of Chile, passionate about Venezuela where she lived for ten years, and where her son was born. Iberia is a photographer, sociologist and author, with degrees from universities in Venezuela, USA and UK. Currently she works devotedly at doing documentary photography, as well as helping CHAMOS and another charity.

Active member and cofounder of CHAMOS since 2005.

email: secretary@chamos.org.uk

Maria Antonieta Rodriguez - Trustee / Relationships Manager

Venezuelan born and living in London for more than 15 years. Maria Antonieta studied Business in Venezuela and pursued her MBA in Oxford. Her work experience covers 12 years in corporate banking and she is now a mother of two, entrepreneur and passionate about helping her home country, Venezuela.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2014

email: info@chamos.org.uk

Tamara Rodriguez R. - Trustee / Projects Manager

Born in Caracas, Tamara holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Venezuela and MSc in Public Policy from the University of London. She has a vast experience in managing major charity projects, encompassing clear deliverables, plans and milestones. Currently, Tamara appraises Chamos’s funding applications to ensure these meet the standards for approval of the donations, as well as defining requirements and monitoring risks, as she simultaneously works full time at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, and has one child.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2014

email: projects@chamos.org.uk

Adriana Mendoza - Trustee / Sports Coordinator

A native of Venezuela, Adriana studied Industrial Engineering in Venezuela and holds an MBA from INSEAD, France.  She has held positions in sales, marketing and campaign management in Caracas, New York and London.  Adriana currently manages Chamos’s sports events and is a full-time mum, as she has “3 under 5” children.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2015

email: sports@chamos.org.uk

Alejandra Coll - Communications Manager

Alejandra is Venezuelan and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela.  Subsequently she obtained her post-graduate degree in Sociology and Education from Columbia University in New York.  She has worked as a teacher and has experience in the marketing and advertising industry in US and Europe. Her interests and passions are with social programs that generate better opportunities for children and empower the most disadvantaged children.

Active member of CHAMOS since 2018

email: marketing@chamos.org.uk

Patricia Merchan Rodriguez

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Patricia holds an Economics degree from Universidad Católica Andres Bello. Her work experience covers 18 years in Oil & Gas and retail sectors positions in Venezuela and Colombia. Now she is a full – time mum of two.

Active Member of Chamos Since 2019