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Between the 3rd and 10th of July 2021, we funded a specialised medical trip to Apartaderos – a small rural Andean town in Merida State, and the highest town in Venezuela. Rural communities like Apartaderos are more vulnerable now than ever before. In a country where the healthcare system is under a huge amount of strain even in the capital city, the need for medical provision in remote areas is desperate.

Our local partner’s team travelled 12 hours to the town, where specialist paediatricians, dermatologists, gynaecologists, orthodontists and physicians offered free consultations and treatment to the members of the community.

We are delighted to have been supporting Proyecto Mayu’s mobile clinics since 2018, offering this crucial medical and dental care to some of the most vulnerable communities in Venezuela. Every Mayú trip is thoroughly researched before it takes place, in order to properly understand the needs in the community, existing infrastructure, and the most common deficiencies and diseases in the area. In addition to the medical care offered while there, the team gives educational talks on disease prevention and sanitation, as well as collecting data for internal research projects, advancing long-term understanding of these areas.

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