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We are delighted to announce our newest partnership with Espacio Educa, which will provide programming courses to 45 students in Petare - the biggest slum in Venezuela, and an area where opportunities and aspirations for children and young people are extremely limited.

Through this partnership, we have set up a computer room with 18 computers - where every Saturday, volunteer University students will teach 45 high-schoolers how to code. This will provide them with valuable skills, helping them to think about their future career prospects and presenting them with opportunities that would have otherwise not been available.

The story of 16-year-old Keiner illustrates just how important these courses are. Three years ago, his father passed away and he was forced to leave school and get a job so that he could support his mother. He had all but given up on education - until he started coding classes with Educa thanks to a scholarship from Chamos. The course not only taught him a new skill - but also changed his entire perspective on what he felt he could achieve.

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