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In early 2022, three years after we first began our WASH programme, we decided to carry out a large-scale impact-measurement programme, conducting surveys and interviews with our partner organisations to understand how the resources we have donated are making a difference - and what more needs to be done.

One strong theme we noticed in the feedback we received is that of improved wellbeing and health and the promotion of dignity for our partners’ beneficiaries: health issues have reduced; children are drinking more water because it tastes better; community members are approaching our partners for water because they know it is safe. 

Another particularly exciting learning is that our impact metrics indicate that our WASH donations are increasing the capacity of our partners to carry out their programmes. Partners report reducing the time they spend - on both water collection and purification - giving them more time to dedicate to their projects, as well as being able to increase the reach of their operations - for example, increasing the number of beneficiaries or opening their centre more regularly. 

This programme is helping our partners to do what they do better, more effectively, and more efficiently - and as such will have a long-term, sustainable impact far beyond the initial resource donation.

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