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Training Mothers to Reduce the Education Gap

Training Mothers to Reduce the Education Gap

In April 2022, we were delighted to embark on a new project with one of our long-term partners, which will provide extra-curricular education to 500 children through after-school lessons. This additional support is particularly crucial at the moment, after school closures due to the pandemic have left thousands of children far behind. The urgency of this programme was illustrated by the shocking results of assessments recently conducted by our partner, including a finding that 58% of children aged 9 and above did not have basic reading and writing skills. 

The first phase of this project was an 8-week training programme, through which 63 volunteers (mostly mothers of the children themselves) learnt the basics of education, teaching and learning. This gave them the tools to take back to their communities, where they are now setting up educational centres to work with children on a daily basis to supplement their learning and help them achieve their potential. So far, we have opened 35 centres, with more to come - stay tuned!

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