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Schools in Venezuela reopened again in late 2021 after almost two years of closures caused by the pandemic. Distance learning was not a possibility for many due to power cuts and lack of internet and materials at home, and thousands of children had missed out on huge amounts of school. In 2022, we continued and expanded our education projects - including identifying four new projects focused on reducing the education gap for children and young people.

  • Community-led education: Training mothers and setting up community education centres to give children extra support, helping them to catch up with what they have missed
  • Buena Voluntad: Providing preparation for employment to young people with disabilities, giving them the tools, aspirations and opportunities to progress to the workplace
  • Leo, Juego y Aprendo: Providing training and innovative learning tools to teachers and parents across the country, to improve reading and writing skills
  • Espacio Educa: Offering coding workshops to 45 young people in a newly refurbished computer room, to provide employable skills and aspirations
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