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In May 2020, in light of the devastation being caused by the pandemic in Venezuela and recognising that the lack of access to clean water and sanitation was further compounding the problem, we embarked on our biggest project to date.

Between May and December of 2020, thanks to a grant from a major US-based Foundation, we distributed 108 water tanks, 130 water filters, 15,000 water purification sachets, and over 27,000 bars of soap to 167 centres across the country, and provided training in hand hygiene best practices, impacting 15,400 beneficiaries. The programme mitigated the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, as well as enabling our partners - soup kitchens, nutrition programmes and schools - to continue their operations safely, with a regular, certain supply of clean water.

We plan to continue our WASH programme in 2021 with a second phase with a heavier focus on beneficiary and partner feedback and an expanded metrics collection project.

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