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Leo, Juego y Aprendo: innovative learning tools

Leo, Juego y Aprendo: innovative learning tools

We are delighted to share our newest collaboration with Universidad Metropolitana, on the multi-stakeholder project "Leo, juego y aprendo" ("I read, I play and I learn").

This exciting project will train more than 1,200 teachers and parents, using innovative methodologies and technology, giving them the skills to teach children between 5 and 7 how to read and write. It will reach an estimated 28,000 children in 305 schools across 17 states.

We're participating in this large-scale project by funding the licence for 'Graphogame' - a cutting-edge teaching and learning app - and providing 315 smartphones, enabling each school to use the app in their classrooms. 

We're very excited to be involved in such a wide-reaching project that addresses an urgent need in such a creative, skills-focused way. At a time when so many children have fallen behind in reading and writing - a result of almost two years of school closures - projects that give schools and communities the tools to help them learn are more important than ever.

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